Pastor Peter Kange

Pastor Peter Kange

Founder of RTNMI

Rev. Dr. Peter Kange is the senior pastor of Reaching the Nations Ministries International; a ministry he founded and co-pastors with his wife Pastor Pauline Kange in 2005. With a mandate to preach the restoration gospel of Jesus Christ, he teaches and preaches the Word with the intention of building soldiers for Christ (men, women, boys and girls who at one time or another have been trampled by adverse conditions of this life). These shattered lives are transformed by the Word of faith and become faithful disciples with an assignment of delivering others from where they have been. Before engaging in this ministry Pastor Peter Kange was involved in missionary works in Africa. Additionally he was instrumental in starting other churches.

God has ceaselessly manifested Himself in Pastor Kange’s meetings: conferences, revivals, crusades, counseling sessions, etc. In these meetings, souls are transformed from darkness to light. Many experience miracles, great healings, deliverances, signs and wonders through prayer. Angelic manifestations, revelation knowledge – words of wisdom, the prophetic, and visions are also common occurrences when we come together with Pastor Kange and God. Pastor Kange always encourages people to come prepared to expect for the LORD to move in any glorious direction. We can’t put God in a box. To GOD be all the glory and honor. Amen.

Pastor Peter's book

Finally,Now You Can

Many people talk about the “game of life,” yet few among the masses understand the rules that govern it. Finally, Now You Can teaches you to connect the dots of your life by looking backward. Most people give up easily when confronted by adversity, but this comprehensive yet straightforward book will show you that there is power beyond you, an ability you can tap into in time of need.

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