Pastor Pauline Kange

Pastor Pauline Kange

Co-Founder of RTNMI

Preaching the undilutated Word of GOD in its simplest form.

Pastor Pauline Kange is an ordained minister of the Gospel involved in pastoral functions.

She has a heart for intercession and an amazing love for the presence of God. She takes praise and worship seriously, always exhorting the saints to either be involved or do nothing that insults the LORD OF HOSTS. He deserves all the Glory and Honor. He is GOD!

She is known to teach the Word of God with simplicity and clarity. In her messages, she challenges people into a new place of intimacy in Him through intercession and worship; provoking them to live right for God.

In her fundamental beliefs, the ministry is not for men or women to make a name but to transform and build lives. In a few words she sums it up this way: “Do not use people to build your ministry or calling, but use your ministry or calling to build people.”

She co-pastors with her husband in a ministry they founded in Beltsville, Maryland. Pastor Pauline also speaks at conferences and seminars. People experience God in divers ways in her meetings because in every meeting, The Holy Spirit has an agenda. Expect an encounter with the Lord.

Pastor Pauline's book

Too Big for Small Things
Too Small for Big Things

“Too Big for Small Things, Too Small for Big Things” provokes thoughts that will generate self-examination and bring about behavior modification at the core of one’s being. Change that is superficial, lip service and meant just to impress or gain a few dollars, is exactly that – superficial.

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